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Change the way you store, backup and access your business data with our managed cloud services

Cloud computing is a popular choice for most businesses and for good reason. At SMART we offer a set of managed cloud services to enhance how your business data and information is stored, backed up and accessed. We build, implement, and manage cloud solutions to enhance your business operations, to drive you forward.

Benefits of using Cloud Managed Services Providers

Hybrid cloud models

By using a managed cloud service provider, like SMART Cloud, you can design a cloud infrastructure to suit your business needs. We can create hybrid cloud models that utilise a mix of physical infrastructure on-premises, private cloud services, and public cloud services.

Cost savings

Managed cloud services allow you to save on costs. We take on your cloud management and cloud implementation, reducing the number of IT department resources you need.

Technical support

As a cloud provider, we offer technical support and guidance on what the best options are for your cloud environment.

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Why SMART managed cloud services?

Agile, flexible, and scalable solutions

At SMART we stay on top of new trends and work around your business needs to provide agile IT solutions that can grow and change as your business does.

Take the stress out of cloud management

Our expert team takes control of your cloud environment and ensures that everything is working as it should, so you don’t have to.

Top of the latest trends and tech

We understand that researching the latest cloud tech solutions is time-consuming, which is why we do it for you. Our proactive approach is what sets us apart from other managed service providers.

Reliable support

Our qualified team provides professional services and reliable support, no matter how big or small the problem is.

Product Features

Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup

Mistakes and disasters happen, which is why having a cloud disaster recovery and backup solution is critical. Our hybrid cloud backup solution ensures that your business data is protected, stored safely and securely, and that you are able to access it as and when you need to.

Cloud Security

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is security threats. Our managed cloud services ensure that your data is secure and safe through cloud encryption.

Business data centre

Cloud adoption can enhance operational performance and collaboration by creating your own business data centre. Staff will be able to simultaneously access, store and work on business documents through the cloud.

Cloud Smart Strategy

Let us help you understand your cloud first strategy and make this a cloud SMART strategy.  The adoption of the correct cloud model is key – from on private, public and hybrid strategies, we partner with you to ensure the right cloud model is chosen that scales to meet your cloud economic needs is key.


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