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Fibre Internet for the Home that really makes a difference.

We live in a world where having an internet connection is essential. Whether it’s a laptop, phone, tablet, smart TVs, fridges, vacuum cleaners or baby monitors, most of our devices rely on wi-fi to function. Although this helps make life easier it also creates some frustrations on how to achieve this seamlessly, which is where our Smart team can guide you to set this up.

Why SMART Fibre Internet?

Flexible packages

Whether you are a small family, an avid gamer or need to work from home, we have you covered with a variety of packages. At SMART, we not only have our very own fibre infrastructure, but we have also partnered with the majority of fibre Internet Service Providers to ensure that you have the coverage you need.

Coverage is everything

If you are working from home or need to keep the kids occupied with a movie marathon on Netflix, the last thing you need is an unreliable connection. At SMART we help you cover your home with reliable access points to reduce wireless interference, ensuring that you always have a fast and stable internet connection wherever in the home you need coverage.

We provide great service

Our testimonials speak for themselves.  Our experienced team makes the process of installing fibre internet to your home simple, easy, fast and efficient no matter what your fibre internet needs are. For Estates, we believe in community driven partnerships and will work with you to enable your security networks.

Get Fibre. Check your area for fibre coverage

If there are issues with your service, follow the below steps to try to solve your service issue.

In Order:

  1. Check multiple apps or websites to ensure the connection issue is not specific to one in particular (such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.)
  2. Check your device to ensure that the connection issue is not possibly limited to one particular device only.
  3. Confirm your power and CAT5e cables are plugged in. Do not tamper with the fiber cable. This could damage your fiber and will require a technician to come out and repair it.
  4. Make sure your router is placed in a central location. Check out our tips below under the tab ‘Routers & Wi-Fi.’
    1. DO NOT Press the Reset button on your SMART Fibre equipment. Power off (unplug) your router for one minute and then power back on again. If you have more than one router, restart all of these (Zhone / TP-Link). See instructions for how to do this below under the tab ‘Routers & Wi-Fi.’
  5. Run a speed test directly connected to your SMART Fiber equipment, bypassing any equipment not supplied by SMART.  See instructions for how to do this below under the tab ‘Speed Tests.’
  6. Power cycle your SMART Access Points. See instructions on how to do this below under the tab ‘SMART Fibre Equipment.’
  7. Make sure your SMART Fiber account is up to date on payments by checking your last statement here, or contacting the billing team here
  8. If you are still experiencing issues, it may be time to log a support call. For details and Technical Support Hours, see below under the tab ‘Contact Support.’
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