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Gain more control over employee data use and bandwidth utilisation with our APN solutions

Mobile technologies enhance business operations but with this comes a need for safe and secure network connections and enhanced control over data and bandwidth use. Our SMART APN solutions provide private and customised remote access connectivity that allows you to effectively manage and control business data costs, data abuse by employees and bandwidth use.

Why choose our SMART APN solutions?

More control over data use

Our APN solutions provide you with more control over data usage and prevents employees from using the mobile network for non-work related activities, like watching Youtube, spending hours on social media or downloading music.

Secure remote access for workforce mobility

Access and connectivity is everything in the business world, but this needs to be managed with data security in mind. Our APN solutions allow employees to securely and safely connect to business data networks or wireless services using their mobile phone, from anywhere and at any time.

Cost savings

By using our SMART APN solutions you allow all users to utilise the same bandwidth bundle. This helps you manage your bandwidth effectively and saves on data costs and expenses.

Why Choose SMART?

With years of experience under our belt, we are able to effectively guide and support you in making the best APN solution choice for your business. Whether you have ten employees or a 1000 we deliver on scalable and reliable APN packages that fit your requirements. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts are always on hand to ensure that you have what you need to drive business profitability and efficiency. We provide SMART APN solutions that drive performance.

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